Designing the first & only marketplace for buying local ads

Lead Product Designer / 2015 - present

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Comcast/NBC Universal

Exploring the look & feel of a brand-new innovation powerhouse

Branding / 2017

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Madison Square Garden

Designing - experience music at MSG from the backstage.

UI Design / 2016 - present

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MVP brand & product for a casual fan development start-up

Branding, UI/UX / 2017

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Prototyping a parent-controlled kids'phone device

Branding, UI/UX / 2017

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Reimagine the online marketplace for homecare

UI/UX Design / 2014

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Building a brooklyn based custom portrait shop

Branding / 2013 - present

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Select UI Designs

For Comcast, Jim Black and more

UI/Visual Design / 2013 - present

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How To Use Sketch to Design Floor plans

After three years living in the East village with 2 roommates and three 🐭s, I finally moved across the river to Williamsburg. Having an entire studio apartment all to myself is too good, yet true.I couldn’t wait to transform the space, yet I have to wait a few month till move-in.So I started sketching some ideas on paper. After a few explorations, I realized that my drawings are not accurate in scale, thus not useful when it comes to taking measurement and planning purchases...

Design tools / 2017


A Friendly & Customizable Translation Kit

Smart phone apps (e.g. google translation) with speech/image recognition are amazing, but they require fast internet and savvy users. If you are trying to have a two-way translated convo, chances are, your new friend will wrestle with the app for the first 10 minutes. Offline or print dictionaries come in handy when you are off-the-grid but takes a while to get your point across.Good ole body language or drawing on a piece of paper. It’s a lot more fun and friendly but also dependent on your personality & drawing skills. Here's my take on ti.

UI/UX/Front-End / 2017




Hi! I'm Ling.

I'm a product designer in NYC.

I am a product designer at Groupon, working on crafting stories & experiences through clean but impactful visuals. Originally from Nanjing, China, I graduated from Rhode Island School of Design & Brown University's dual degree program in film & music.


Ling Zhou Portfolio 2018

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