Experience madison square garden from the backstage.


Madison Square Garden & Coke had collaborated on launching this promotional landing page/blog site. I was tasked with designing an emmersive web/mobile experience to showcase a list of music artists who performed on the stage of MSG.




Madison Square Garden


UI/Visual Design

Look & feel

I have taken inspirations from the historical feeling of the class MSG.he typo choice(Bebas Neue) reflects MSG's brand and space-efficient. As the list of artist grow, the lockup need to accommodate both long and short band names.

The dark look & feel accentuates the video/imagery and convey a sense of theatricality.

The Design

As you hover over each artist feature, a quote that represents "behind the scene".

The final result

I collaborated with MSG's internal marketing team to refine the logolockup, assembled visual assets to use on the landing page. Here's the implementation:

The details

Addtional details for the interaction.

Coded prototypes

I created images of artists in photoshop and communicated with developers on the hover interactions.