Groupon Booking

Repositioning Groupon from a discount hub into a bookable marketplace

Product Design / 2019 - present

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Groupon Illustration System

Crafting delightful and engaging experiences with illustrations

Product Illustrations / 2020 - present

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Groupon Customer Service

Improving customer service agent performance

Product Design / 2019 - present

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Groupon Student Program

Capturing the Next-generation Grouponer

Illustrations / 2018 - present

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Groupon Bucks

Activate 5x users loyalty program

Product Design / 2018

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Designing the first & only marketplace for buying local ads

Product Design / 2015 - 2017

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Comcast x NBC Universal

Exploring the look & feel of a brand-new innovation powerhouse

Branding / 2017

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Building a brooklyn-based custom portrait shop

Branding / 2013 - present

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Hi! This is Ling.

I'm currently a senior product designer at Groupon.

I'm passionate about solving complex and unique problems and going beyond the obvious solutions. In my spare time, I like to paint and dabble in generative art.

Ling Zhou Portfolio 2021

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