Groupon Student Program

Capturing the Next-generation Grouponer

Product Designer / 2018 - present

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Groupon Bucks

Activate 5x users loyalty program

Product Designer / 2018

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Designing the first & only marketplace for buying local ads

Lead Product Designer / 2015 - 2017

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Comcast x NBC Universal

Exploring the look & feel of a brand-new innovation powerhouse

Branding / 2017

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Madison Square Garden

Designing - experience music at MSG from the backstage.

UI Design / 2016 - present

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MVP brand & product for a casual fan development start-up

Branding, UI/UX / 2017

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Prototyping a parent-controlled kids'phone device

Branding, UI/UX / 2017

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Reimagine the online marketplace for homecare

UI/UX Design / 2014

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Building a brooklyn based custom portrait shop

Branding / 2013 - present

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Select UI Designs

For Comcast, Jim Black and more

UI/Visual Design / 2013 - present

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How To Use Sketch to Design Floor plans

After three years living in the East village with 2 roommates and three 🐭s, I finally moved across the river to Williamsburg. Having an entire studio apartment all to myself is too good, yet true.I couldn’t wait to transform the space, yet I have to wait a few month till move-in.So I started sketching some ideas on paper. After a few explorations, I realized that my drawings are not accurate in scale, thus not useful when it comes to taking measurement and planning purchases...

Design tools / 2017


A Friendly & Customizable Translation Kit

Smart phone apps (e.g. google translation) with speech/image recognition are amazing, but they require fast internet and savvy users. If you are trying to have a two-way translated convo, chances are, your new friend will wrestle with the app for the first 10 minutes. Offline or print dictionaries come in handy when you are off-the-grid but takes a while to get your point across.Good ole body language or drawing on a piece of paper. It’s a lot more fun and friendly but also dependent on your personality & drawing skills. Here's my take on it.

UI/UX/Front-End / 2017


Next-level Prototyping for Web Design

We all know that feeling when all your favorite tools, inVision, Principle, Atomic, LaunchPad…fail to achieve your intended interaction design idea. Most of the prototyping tools out there only prepares you well for core interaction such as links & transitions, but not much else. So what’s the next level?

UI/UX/Front-End / 2017




Hi! This is Ling.

I'm currently a product designer at Groupon.

I work on crafting stories & experiences through clean but impactful visuals. Originally from Nanjing, China, I graduated from Rhode Island School of Design & Brown University's dual degree program in film & music.


Ling Zhou Portfolio 2018

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