Comcast/NBC Universal

Exploring the look & feel of a brand-new innovation powerhouse




Visual Design, Branding

The Mood Board

Comcast tasked Vaudeville with branding their new innovation hub called "Liftlabs". First, we help our clients comb through all the ideas using moodboards.

Visual Explorations

Based on the feedback collected from the moodboard meeting, I did a series of visual explorations in the form of posters.

approach 1

In this approach, I created a linetype("liftlabs") - it's used throughout these compositions as a structural element, symbolizing liftlab's supportive nature. The yellow elevator is little fun brand element taken from the literal meaning of "lift". The fluid colorful blurbs exist to break the line-heavy layout as well as carry through comcast's brand colors.

approach 2

This approach goes after the theme of "movie posters". The bold and rounded san serif font emphasizes the "movie" look & feel. It's laid out on top of abstract architectural material surfaces which suggests the "structure & support" nature of the liftlabs.

These are three select posters addressing the three main themes of liftlab's entrepreneurial targets: "media" - NBC, "connectivity" - Comcast and "entertainment" - Universal.

Design Concept I

Wordmark as a stencil

The final designs stemmed from the visual explorations since the clients responded well to both approaches.

In this approach, I had treated the “liftlabs” mark in a stencil like lockup. It’s very flexible in that you can “stencil in” different imageries to evoke different mood and provide context. I created a line-gredient to encapsulate the peacock colors and used that to tie in the brand. It also acts as an element to suggest the sense of space.

Design Concept II

Geometric letterform as scaffolding

In these examples, I refined the typography with details and laid them on an isometric base. I built each letter using this style and this allowed me to play with their relationship to each other and to the space they inhabit. What I liked the most about this style is its spacial dynamics, which reflected Liftlab's brand voice in a really sophisticated yet unexpected way.

Design Concept III


This approach is based on the tagline "build with us".

Design Concept IV


This approach is based on the tagline "Ambition elevated".