Data-driven intelligence on how to develop casual sports fans for major sports leagues


Casual is one of Vaudeville's Incubator projects. I worked alongside with a strategist and another designer; I was in charge of bringing the product idea to life while the other designer focused on the logo design.






Branding, UI/UX

The Kick-Off

I started off by preparing a branding/product questionnaire for the clients to fill out.

One of the important requirement for this project is the flexibility to add more content as the business evolves in the next year or so. Initially as a proof of concept, it will be just a landing page with value props and prompt to sign-up. Then it will start offering more data-drive products in the form of report, events, strategic memos and so on.

The logo is inspired by sports pennants.

Personas created based on our audiences.

The Website

Two landing page concepts: 1. straight-forward candid storytelling and as the user hover over the word "casual fans", a persona will appear to give context.

2. a interactive heat chart that represents the range from "not a fan" to "die-hard fan" and as the user hover over different segment of the "heatmap", a highlighted block of data/insight will appear to illustrate the unique characteristics of "casual fans".

I created interactive prototypes for both of these approaches. The client had decided to go with the first approach.

Since the site need to be built with room for growth in the next year or so. I mocked up a ready-to-launch version with just a main article plus a promotion for an e-book (which they already have).

On the other hand, I also mocked a version of what the future could look like when they have multiple data products available such as newsletters, subscriptions, reports & surveys.

I delivered the MVP site for development in a few breakpoints with annotations.